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Take Me Away

Take me away from this horror called life,It cuts me deep like a sharp edged knife,Take me where, there are no sorrows,No heartbreaks, no harrows,This weight is too much to bearI am getting crushed under it, I swear! Take me to a place where memories get erased,No hopes, no dreams, no love to be chased,Take …


Blooming Wise

Darker the night, Brighter she shines,Blacker the world,She blooms like rose,Soft is her heart,Sharp are her eyes,She can see through the lies,Wise or disguise?Years of tears,From Lure and entice,Cleared the cloudsFrom the sky of life,Never so sure,Never so alive,She’s happy this time,On this Valentines. Composed by – Shaily Singh

My Musings Poems


A slithering snake, slid in a den,Caught her off guard, it quickly begins,Casting a spell with prowess of wordsFlatteries and praises with a beautiful grin.She swayed in its charm,It had her disarmed.Illusion so strong, it bound her sight,Deaf to her intuition screaming with might.It coiled around tightening its grip,Spread it’s hood as it had to …