I guess we all know who S. Jaishankar is. Minister of External Affairs of the Government of India. He’s been quite popular recently with his witty and strong responses along with excellent diplomatic decisions in foreign relations. However, it was, I guess in 2020 that I came to know about him and I was simply left awed and impressed. A while later I came across a book written by him and I immediately knew I wanted to read it. It was a perfect opportunity to know his views in depth and the book “The India Way” provided just that. I read it in 2021 but due to health issues I hadn’t been able to review it. Well, its still never too late. So, here we go!

The book starts with the blunders committed in the history and what lessons can be learned from our past. He stresses that India can not be oblivious of the consequences of a rising power that too in it’s proximity. He states ” Geopolitics and balance of power are the underpinning of international relations. India itself has a tradition of Kautilyan politics that puts a premium on them. If there are lessons from the past, it is that these were not given the weightage that they deserved.”

The book touches upon how can India deal with the disruptive world. What can it do to advance it’s goals in such a scenario. He puts a very pertinent point forward ” Whoever harnesses disruptive technologies better will influence the world.” He very interestingly and amazingly draws influences and examples from Mahabharata on how that era, that was equally multipolar, with it’s leading powers, balanced each other. “Asserting national interests and securing strategic goals through various means is the dharma of a state, as indeed it was of an individual warrior.”

In this book he focuses on India’s relations with the neighbouring countries and it’s old and natural allies. “Neighbours pose challenges everywhere and India cannot escape having it’s fair share.” He stresses the importance of national interest first, to secure it’s borders, and not cower down it tough situations. He says “..Where there are real problems, we do not duck them. Generosity and firmness must go hand in hand.” Mr. Jaishankar acknowledges India’s achievements on defining it’s interests and with clarity and trusting it’s own instincts.

He puts forward some ideas that can strategically benefit India in the long run. Keeping it’s interests, borders, oceans secure, how India can advance and maintain good relations in the growing multipolar world. Mr. Jaishankar brilliantly states, “Changing the global discourse in its (India’s) favour is also essential at this time. But the end goal even, perhaps especially, in a volatile world is clear. Many friends, few foes, great goodwill, more influence. That must be achieved through the India Way.”

This book will really open our mind to endless possibilities for a bright future India can have but also stresses attention on the challenges that lay ahead. It positively influences our mind on how India can advance towards becoming a global power if it takes care of the very crucial aspects of its national security. This book gives a much needed hope to all us Indians with all the brilliant strategies provided by Mr. Jaishankar, for an uncertain world. It’s a MUST READ! A brilliant book from a brilliant mind with a brilliant outlook! The India Way!

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