I had heard the name of Ruskin Bond many times here and there but never got as intrigued about his work, as I did recently. Especially when it was mostly said that how his stories were worth reading for children and adults alike. So, one day while I was at the book store, I decided to pick up one of his books at random as I wasn’t aware of his best works. This book was titled as “Boy in a Blue Pullover” and the back of the book had a part of a poem printed along with a short synopsis about the book that it was a collection of short stories, essays and poems.

Boy in a Blue Pullover | Book Review
Boy in a Blue Pullover | Book Review

It has 28 of these short stories, essays, poems and some of them that I’d call as memoirs. It starts with “Friends of my Youth” that very beautifully narrates his friendship with a boy who was a habitual shoplifter. With all the humour and entertainment the story has, it still has that special element of deep reflections and observations in life. This is not the case with just this story, instead with all of the them. Some of my favorites are Angry River, The Prospect of Flowers, The Cherry Tree and Gracie.

Ruskin Bond shows the very mundane life in a very interesting and unique way. Little things that we usually take for granted have been narrated with a very unique and special perspective. Human behavior, emotions, struggles, fighting spirit, luck, fate and life form the very core of his stories and that is what makes it beautiful. Having said that, in no way it’s complex anywhere. Instead, the simplicity of the expression and language is what makes it stands out among all. This very factor makes it a suitable read for children and adults alike.

For someone who has visited the locations Ruskin Bond describes in his stories and memoirs, or someone who has been a native to that place, it would be a hit of nostalgia. It widened my thoughts and knowledge about the hills, its flora and fauna, how the weather was like a few decades ago, the life of the people there, hardships and happiness in simplicity. This book has so much more to offer than just simple and touching stories. It will take you on a virtual tour to those times and places with a dose of laughter and emotions and will leave you pondering on a lot of thoughts and reflections that you’ll find applicable to your life as well.

In a nutshell, do read it! 🙂

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