Take me away from this horror called life,
It cuts me deep like a sharp edged knife,
Take me where, there are no sorrows,
No heartbreaks, no harrows,
This weight is too much to bear
I am getting crushed under it, I swear!

Take me to a place where memories get erased,
No hopes, no dreams, no love to be chased,
Take me away from my own stupid heart,
The pain inside it, tears me apart,
I am tired of feeling, feeling too much,
I want to be numb, alone and out of touch.

Take me to that mist, in which I disappear,
Where no one can see me, nor can hear,
Take me to that fire, that burns my desire,
Me, my wish, my want, on pyre,
Dejected, rejected, filled with despair,
I give up this time, it’s beyond repair.

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