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Manmath Nath Dutt| Translator Extraordinaire| Book Review

History needs to be documented or it is lost. But what if, those who document this history or in this case ancient scriptures and texts, themselves are lost? They are forgotten and remain unknown to general public unless someone digs them out. Manmath Nath Dutt was such an author and Bibek Debroy is that “someone” who dug him out. It needed revisiting history, removing of the dust of time settled on it, to dig deeper by going through complex, sometimes incomplete layers and to make sense out of it which Mr. Debroy has done so perfectly in this book.

Book Reviews

The Clifton Chronicles Series by Jeffery Archer| Book Review

An unplanned visit to a bookstore, that happens with me most of the times, leads me to pick up books by gut feeling. During one such visit I happened to pick one such book that I had been attracted towards for some time. I had almost bought it during the last couple of visits but dropped it at the last moment. The book was Jeffery Archer’s “Mightier than Sword”.