A slithering snake, slid in a den,
Caught her off guard, it quickly begins,
Casting a spell with prowess of words
Flatteries and praises with a beautiful grin.
She swayed in its charm,
It had her disarmed.
Illusion so strong, it bound her sight,
Deaf to her intuition screaming with might.
It coiled around tightening its grip,
Spread it’s hood as it had to be quick,
Whenever she froze in disbelief 
It said 
“I hope I can thaw you someday my sweet”
She opened her heart, placed her trust,
What she thought was love, was nothing but lust.
It made her believe that he was the one,
Asked her to surrender, all at once. 
Allured, bewitched the spell she was in,
She couldn’t even notice that scaly skin.
Well, that was the moment it bit her hard!
The illusion broke, she fell apart.
Bewildered, shocked, she asked it “Why?”
It pushed her back and scoffed in sly,
“Stop being a victim, you knew I w’s a snake”
“It isn’t my fault that you couldn’t spot a fake”.

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