Lies can buy Trust, 
But for how long? 
Lies are fragile, 
Need many a layers, 
To keep one intact.
They shatter soon,
But can you escape,
before you get consumed?

The charm you see,
The glory in which he bask,
That gentle persona,
Is nothing but a mask.
A mask of lies,
That once shattered, 
Will reveal, 
What’s inside.
A truth so ugly, 
That you have to face,
A demon so vile,
That you can’t escape.
The love you saw,
Was just a facade,
The devil playing it’s game,
To trap you in it’s charade. 
It wants you to submit,
Sell your soul,
So it can manipulate, 
And have it’s control.
Your heart, 
Is his toy,
Thrown and kicked around, 
For him to enjoy.
He loves to see you cry,
To beg,
and chase him,
For yet another try.
He sits far and high,
To enjoy the show,
With a smirk on his lips,
His sadism grows.
You dance to his tunes,
To keep him entertained, 
You’re tied down,
In his invisible chains.

Out of the blue,
He loses all the interest,
He had in you.
He disappears, 
Leaving you high and dry,
Confused whether you should,
Leave or try.
His fangs dug deep,
You’re addicted now,
To all those lies
and pain he endowed.
You want him back,
For you, it was just him,
But Oh! He is long gone,
In search for his next victim.

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  1. A sad but amazing poetry, Shaily. There is something about the way you put down your words on Twitter and now here. Always unique and straight from the heart and experiences. Keep writing and inspiring. – MS

  2. 👏👏👏👏
    Ur insight.. Just amazing..
    Sorrowful reality of life.
    U shook us.. Put down that mask
    Charming charade indeed

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