We all have witnessed the nature’s healing power amid this lockdown that if given a chance nature can heal itself in the most magnificent way. We saw how the rivers were clean as never before with no dumping of toxic waste in them, the air smelt so fresh and clean and the sky brighter without all that pollution. In just two months! Just two months and nature healed itself. Nothing short of a wonder. This entire phenomenon reminded me that not just itself, nature can heal us too!

Do you remember in the old movies doctors used to say “Inhe dawa ki nahi bas hawa pani badalne ki zarurat hai”. (इन्हें दवा की नहीं बस हवा पानी बदलने की ज़रूरत है) Nothing can be truer than this. I realised this on my first trek when I went far out in the wilderness completely disconnected from the fast pacing world and sat in solitude with just the sound of the wind and water as my companions and some occasional “Baa Baa” from the flock of sheep passing by 😀

A flock of Sheep in Jobra

When you sit on the hill side with your legs hanging down or by the river side with your legs dipped in the freezing water or when you lie down on the velvety grass of the meadows or when you gaze at the night sky with billions of stars and galaxies gazing right back at you; you let yourself lose, the guards come down, the walls break and that’s how you let the nature take it’s course.

Being vulnerable with yourself in the arms of the nature feels so safe and relaxing. We get to introspect like never before. We see ourselves with so much clarity and objectivity that we will often find ourselves surprised! Surprised to know how much unnecessarily insecure, sad, overwhelmed, worried we had been. Surprised to discover our strength and how much positivity our hearts hold. We find acceptance for our flaws.

Shea Goru

In hindsight, I observed and was amazed by the fact that when in solitude with nature you won’t find a single negative thought in your mind, no matter how much depressed you were before. Nature feeds us with the best thoughts if we just allow it to. Moreover, you will catch yourself smiling unawares! It’s like magic! The Magic Pill we all need 🙂

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