The Dreamer I am, never did think,

That dreams could really be lethal.

For Believer I am, never did know,

Tha’ believing could sometimes be hurtful.

Thread by thread, I bare you open 

And your lies came crawling out;

I can’t believe, I fell for something,

I’d always be against about.

Words so shiny, surreal and lovely,

Lured me in an abyss;

Now I’m falling and falling in a bottomless pit,

Can’t seem to get what I missed!

Before I knew my hands were clutched,

in chains of deceit and sly

‘nd I’m hooked to a movie of a beautiful vision,

That keeps playin’ in front o’ my eyes.

Wake-up O Wake-up!

Come out of this sleep!

You’re being fooled to believe a lie!

Just when I thought, I found my joy,

The bats came out and fly.

Now I can’t get out, I feel so stuck,

As if I was paralyzed.

It hurts, it pains but there ain’t no gain

If I don’t go through all these cries.

Chin up! Get up! Get on your feet!

Girl you were meant to fly!

Wipe off your tears and spread your wings,

Go out and touch the sky.

Through all that pain, You’re born again,

Survived and you will thrive,

Love yourself and trust your gut

’cause darling it never lies.

–> Composed by Shaily Singh

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